The Iron Lance (The Celtic Crusades, #1)
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The Iron Lance

by Stephen R. Lawhead
Release date: 1998
Type: other fiction
Genres: mainstream

In an ancient church in rural Scotland, a Scottish lawyer beholds visions of an ancient past – the journey of Murdo, an ancestor whose fight for his family's home sets him in the thick of the Crusades...

Embittered by his betrayal by crooked clergy and by the theft of his family's lands, Murdo leaves his native Scotland in search of his father. In the company of monks and warriors, he embarks on a journey that takes him far beyond the rolling fields of home, beyond fabled Constantinople and the brooding walls of Antioch, to the Holy Land and the sword points of the Saracens. There, where blood, suffering, and human evil at its most horrifying are shot through with rays of the miraculous, he encounters the Iron Lance – the actual weapon that pierced Jesus on the cross. And there he grows from a callow youth to a man, trading anger and cynicism for devotion to Christ, and selfishness for the heart of a leader. He returns at last to his home to right a bitter wrong, and to establish a kingdom where faith can dwell in peace.

Steeped in heroism, treachery, and the clamor of battle, The Iron Lance begins a remarkable, masterfully woven epic trilogy of a Scottish noble family fighting for its existence and its faith during the age of the Crusades.

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