The Great Fetish

by L. Sprague de Camp
Release date: 1978
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

On the 15th day of Franklin, year of descent 1008, planet Kforri...

a young teacher, Marko Prokopiu, is convicted and jailed. His heinous crime: preaching the false and unholy belief that Kforri was originally settled by men arriving from Earth in flying machines, a dangerous heresy against the offical doctrine of divine evolution.

Goaded into jail-break by his wife's desertion and mightily armed with his father's great ax, Marko rushes to avenge his marital honor. With an eminent philosopher, Dr. Halran, inventor of the incredible hot-air balloon, Marko journeys perilously to exotic lands — to decadent Anglonia, hot Afka, civilized Eropia and, at last, the all-female Isle of Mnaenn. There, by clever ruse and uncommon physical daring, he must recover the Great Fetish and solve the riddle of planet Kforri's ancient history, or meet a fate more complicated than death!

updated 2010-09-07

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