Conan: The Treasure of Tranicos

by L. Sprague de Camp, Robert E. Howard
Release date: 1980
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasysword and sorcery, short stories

A collection of one novella and two essays.


  • Introduction (L. Sprague de Camp)
  • The Treasure of Tranicos (Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp)
  • The Trail of Tranicos (an essay by L. Sprague de Camp)
  • Skald in the Post Oaks (an essay by L. Sprague de Camp)

Amid the treachery of pirates, the intrigue of a doomed count, the fury of savage Picts, the flashing eyes and flowing hair of beautiful women, fierce swordplay and the deadly vengeance of a black magician, the greatest hero Hyboria has ever known picks his way like a clever and deadly hunting cat. For Conan knows what he wants – and what he must do to get THE TREASURE OF TRANICOS.

(updated 2015-01-07)

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