The People of the Black Circle

Robert E. Howard
fantasy > sword and sorcery, short stories
The People of the Black Circle - Robert E. Howard

A collection of stories.


  • Foreword by Karl Edward Wagner
  • The Devil in Iron
  • The People of the Black Circle
  • A Witch Shall Be Born
  • Jewels of Gwahlur
  • Afterword by Karl Edward Wagner

"The People of the Black Circle" is the second volume in the authorized edition of Conan, produced by Berkley with the co-operation of Glenn Lord, representing the heirs of Robert E. Howard.

Each volume includes, from the pages of Weird Tales, the unaltered words of the greatest master of heroic fantasy, Robert E. Howard.

Conan, first and best of the great pulp fantasy adventure heroes, the fabulous creation of Robert E. Howard, lives again. Each volume includes some of the unique black-and-white illustrations that originally appeared with the Howard stories in Weird Tales. The texts have been carefully checked by Karl Edward Wagner, the editor of this series, to present the authentic Conan.

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Release date: 1977
Genres: fantasysword and sorcery, short stories
Average rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: January 16, 2017