Blade of Fire (The Icemark Chronicles #2) - Stuart Hill7.68

Twenty years have passed since the tiny kingdom of the Icemark last defended itself from invasion. Now the imperial invader Scipio Bellorum is back – joined by his brutal twin sons. The Icemark's fate rests with Queen Thirrin and Oskan Witchfather – and their five strong-willed children. But not all the royal siblings are ready for the task. What of Medea, the dark daughter, poisoning the family from within? Or Sharley, the youngest and weakest son, strangely foretold to return with a blade of fire?

The second book in The Icemark Chronicles takes the fight to the seas, the skies, the hot lands to the south – and even beyond, to the places of the mind.

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Release date: 2006
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, young adult
Average rating: 7.68/10
Total ratings: 104
Updated: August 24, 2021

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