Borderlands of Science

by Charles Sheffield
Borderlands of Science - Charles Sheffield N/A


Present-day science, as Carl Sagan observed, is more like science fiction than most science fiction. Where does the dividing line lie today?

Charles Sheffield, an internationally respected scientist and an equally renowned science fiction writer, whom The Washington Post and others have compared to Arthur C. Clarke, surveys with an expert eye the current state of physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, computers, and other fields, and brings the reader up to date on just how strange the universe is turning out to be.

When exploring strange territory, a knowledgeable guide is a necessity. Fortunately, Dr. Sheffield is eminently qualified to explain the nature of the new mysteries which science is just beginning to explore. The readers will be in good hands as they are taken on an expertly guided tour of the



Category: Non-fiction

Release date 1999

Details updated August 23, 2021

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