Ecce and Old Earth

by Jack Vance
Release date: 1991
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

The Planet Cadwal has an ecosystem unique in the human-explored galexy; a thousand years past it was established as a natural preserve, protected from normal colonization and exploitation, where residence was restricted to a precisely limited number of scientists and their immediate families. Now the human Conservators are facing a conspiracy of humans and aliens to wrest control of their world away, and open it to full commercial use.

Glawen Clattuc is the scion of one of the ruling scientific houses of Cadwal. Barred from full citizenship by the rules of the Conservancy, he nonetheless remains loyal to its ideals and principles. Clattuc joined the interplanetary police forces, but almost immediately found himself investigating his own family. There are hidden crimes in his own history, as well as the key to resolving the crisis that is gripping all of Cadwal.

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