J.R.R.Tolkien University - David Bischoff


Bilbo Baggins Goes to College - well, sort of. How about, Ralph Phillips goes to Wizard's College?

Ralph, you see, is a struggling young Hollywood screenwriter. He gets hired by an Elf Wizard by the name of Mr. Escutcheon from a Dimension of Dragons, Magic and Mayhem. Ralph has to write a screenplay for a movie for Mr. Escutcheon's University that will make a killing at the American box office and fill the University's coffers with much needed gold. Idea: make a fantasy movie in the Fantasy Dimension. Reason: cheap special effects, because all the magic will be real!

However, Ralph hadn't counted on teaming up with a beautiful warrior and a hairy growly thief. And he certainly didn't know anything about the Evil Wizards who wanted to stop him!


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Release date: 2000
Genres: fantasy
Updated: September 02, 2021