Nightworld (Nightworld #1) - David Bischoff

By day it was paradise. By night it was a seething hell. Nightworld - where for centuries werewolves, dragons, griffins, and vampires served a computerized Prince of Darkness... Where every sunset brought forth a call for the most heinous acts imaginable by the most frightening creature of all... Where a courageous young lord and a determined outworlder set forth on a journey of innumerable terrors to destroy the computer creature known as Satan in its own technologically horrifying haven of hell!

"Wonderful! A journey in the company of ood travelers through a landscape of old menaces newly twisted - a cleanly written adventure story." - Roger Zelazny


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Release date: 1979
Genres: science fiction, horror
Updated: August 26, 2021

Nightworld :: Series

Nightworld (Nightworld #1)
Vampires of Nightworld (Nightworld #2)