Space Opera

by Jack Vance
Release date: 1965
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Cover art: Don Maitz.

A space opera is what science fiction readers call on adventure in outer space and on alien planets. But a space opera could also be an opera, a musical work, that originated in outer space...

Jack Vance's unique novel SPACE OPERA fits both definitions marvelously! Because it starts with the mysterious opera company from the equally mysterious planet Rlaru that arrives on Earth to astonish and infuriate music-lovers – and then disappears without trace!

And when Roger Wool's wealthy aunt determined to reciprocate by bringing on Earthly operatic team into space and to the unknown world Rlaru, there unwinds a complex and surprising space opera of the first kind... filled with enigmatic aliens, weird worlds, and all the special color and cunning that is the hallmark of the best Jack Vance.

(updated 2011-12-19)

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