Outside the Dog Museum

by Jonathan Carroll
Outside the Dog Museum - Jonathan Carroll 8.00   1

British Fantasy Award 1992, World Fantasy Award nominee 1992.

Harry Radcliffe is a brilliant prize-winning architect – a very witty and remarkable man. He is also a self-serving opportunist, ready to take advantage of whatever situations – and women – come his way. After all, ”geniuses” are allowed to do anything.

But now Harry is being wooed and pursued by the extremely wealthy Sultan of Saru, who wants him to design a very special building. For the Sultan has one towering passion – dogs. And, fearing imminent assassination, he wants to build the ultimate reverential monument in the form of a billion-dollar Dog Museum.

Harry is profoundly uninterested in anything so bizarre... yet he has reached a strange point in his life, the aftermath of a recent divorce, an inexplicable nervous breakdown and the complexities of juggling with the affections of two strong-minded women.

Then occurs a devastating earthquake, and suddenly the way seems clear. On his arrival in Saru he learns that the Sultan is no more, but his son and heir wants the project to continue... not now in the Arabian desert, but in a remote corner of the Austrian Alps.

Once work begins, Harry's interest and then obsession grow, for this will be his ultimate triumph. But little does Radcliffe realize what he is now in the process of creating. As the powers of magic weave themselves around him, the implications of his strange undertaking grow ever more ominous and astounding...

From a world-renowned master of fantastical fiction and sheer inventiveness, a novel to provoke the mind and haunt the imagination.

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Release date 1991
Details updated August 23, 2022
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