The Lees of Laughter's End - Steven Erikson6.00

A novella. Introduction by James Barclay.

In the wake of their blissful sojourn in the city of Lamentable Moll, the intrepid sorcerors Bauchelain and Korbal Broach – along with their newly hired manservant, Emancipor Reese – have set out on the wide open seas aboard the sturdy Suncurl.

Alas, there's more baggage in the hold than meets the beady eyes of Suncurl's hapless crew, and once on the cursed sea-lane known as Laughter's End – the Red Road in which flows the blood of an Elder God – unseemly terrors are prodded awake, to the understated dismay of all.

It is said that it is not the destination that counts, but the journey itself. Such a noble, worthy sentiment. Aye, it is the journey that counts, especially when what counts is horror, murder, mischance and mayhem. For Bauchelain, Korbal Broach and Emancipor Reese, it is of course just one more night on the high seas, on a journey without end – and that counts for a lot.

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Release date: April 2007
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 6.00/10
Total ratings: 6
Updated: August 22, 2021

Tales of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach :: Series

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10/10 |
November 20, 2007
The Lees of Laughter's End is the third book of the Tales of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach series. I just finished reading The Lees of Laughter's End. I liked it very much. This novella is good, well written and interesting. If you're interested ...