The Dream Archipelago

by Christopher Priest
The Dream Archipelago - Christopher Priest 9.00   1

A collection of stories.


  • The Equatorial Moment
  • The Negation
  • Whores
  • The Cremation
  • The Miraculous Cairn
  • The Watched

Chris Priest’s short stories are relatively few and far between, but he has always used them as a way of exploring themes that run parallel to those in his novels. Prime among them are his stories of The Dream Archipelago.

The thousands of islands that are the Archipelago, languishing in equatorial seas, make up a huge neutral zone in a world at war. As such, they represent a constant lure to young men and women on both sides of the conflict: conscientious objectors, remittance men, opportunists, adventurers, fugitives from military oppression.

This is a book of sexual obsessions, moral ambiguities, neural abnormality.

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Release date 1999
Details updated August 22, 2022
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