Dahut (The King of Ys #3) - Poul Anderson, Karen Anderson

First came Roma Mater, the story of how the Roman soldier Gratillonius became a king. Next, Gallicenae, the story of the Nine Queens – the wives of the warrior-king. And now – Dahut, daughter of the King of Ys.

The senile gods of Ys have decreed that Dahut must become a Queen of that Christ-cursed city while her father, the King, still lives. The King would rather fall upon his sword than consummate this evil pact, but the gods of Ys need him too much to allow him such an easy end...

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Release date: 1987
Genres: fantasyhistorical fantasy
Updated: October 01, 2017

The King of Ys :: Series

The King of Ys is a historical fantasy – it is set in our world just before the fall of the Roman Empire and it mixes in the legend of the mythical city of Ys which was built below sea level on the coast of Brittany. Many of the characters in The King of Ys (Roman emperors, Christian saints, etc) are based on legendary and real historical figures.

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