The Trouble Twisters - Poul Anderson

When Mankind made it to the stars, it wasn't the glory of the nation that drove them ever further. It was Trade.

The ships of the combines and the smaller traders searching the alien worlds for goods that could provide that edge that would see those traders earn undreamt of profits

This collection focuses on the early career of David Falkayn, who would become one of those Merchant Adventurers, from apprenticeship to his first Merchant Adventure.


  • The Three-Cornered Wheel (1963)
  • A Sun Invisible (1966)
  • The Trouble Twisters (also known as Trader Team) (1965)
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Release date: 1966
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: January 16, 2017

The Polesotechnic League :: Series

After the first initial burst of exploration for national glory and for the pure joy of exhilaration, Mankind found trading to be a truly excellent reason to travel from star to star hoping to make a discovery that would make an amazing financial killing. And if, along the way, you could do some good, well all the better... The Polesotechnic League stories cover that initial explosion of Technic civilisation up until its replacement by the Terran empire.

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