Trader to the Stars - Poul Anderson

Humankind has explored the galaxy: Nicholas van Rijn had bought it. A starwide empire was difficult to run, but the old man was wily and the resources of the Solar Spice & Liquors Company were vast. But sometimes even a conquered world can get just a little out of hand.

In his Magnificent Future History of Mankind's second great age Poul Anderson has conjured up a universe too immense for even the human race to despoil. Across this grand expanse of space roams the Polesotechnic League, a band of merchant princes from every inhabited planet, in search of adventure and riches beyond the wildest dreams of our earthbound time!


  • Hiding Place (1961)
  • Territory (1962)
  • The Master Key (1964)
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Release date: 1964
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: January 18, 2017

The Polesotechnic League :: Series

After the first initial burst of exploration for national glory and for the pure joy of exhilaration, Mankind found trading to be a truly excellent reason to travel from star to star hoping to make a discovery that would make an amazing financial killing. And if, along the way, you could do some good, well all the better... The Polesotechnic League stories cover that initial explosion of Technic civilisation up until its replacement by the Terran empire.

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