Mirkheim - Poul Anderson 7.00   1

The Doomed Planet

The gigantic planet of Mirkheim was gone – blasted and vaporised by a supernova. But its core had survived the holocaust, and now, transmuted, it was the only source of certain vital supermetals. David Falkayn, agent and troubleshooter for the powerful Polesotechnic League, governors of the Terran Empire, had plans for Mirkheim.

But the Baburites – an unscrupulous alian race – were one step ahead of him and had claimed the priceless minerals as their own. The conflict could mean only one thing – war, on a titanic scale – unless Falkayn could turn the tide and negotiate a peaceful agreement. but with the Baburites, that was a near-impossible task...

Category: Science Fiction

Release date 1977

Details updated August 18, 2022

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The Polesotechnic League :: Series

Series contains 6 total works.

After the first initial burst of exploration for national glory and for the pure joy of exhilaration, Mankind found trading to be a truly excellent reason to travel from star to star hoping to make a discovery that would make an amazing financial killing. And if, along the way, you could do some good, well all the better... The Polesotechnic League stories cover that initial explosion of Technic civilisation up until its replacement by the Terran empire.

Belongs to the series Technic History

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Mirkheim 7.00   1
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