The Game of Empire - Poul Anderson

Dominic Flandry has fought the good Fight

But fight, scheme, and betray as he might to stave it off, with the inevitability of physical law the Long Night of interstellar barbarism approaches. He has known that for 50 years – just as he has known that a lost cause may be the only one worth fighting for. That is why he has devoted his life (that part of it not devoted to the decadent pleasures of a decadent civilization) to providing a few more years of peace and plenty for uncounted billions of sentient beings.

But now Dominic is of an age more suited to deciding the fate of empires from behind the throne; others must take up the challenge of courting danger on strange planets filed with creatures stranger still. Such a one, with her faithful Tigery companion, now enters the galactic stage. Her name is Diana

Though her carreer is just beginning, two things atre certain: illegitimate or not, she's the true daughter of Dominic, and...

She'll do her old man proud!

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Release date: 1985
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 16, 2021

Dominic Flandry (Terran Empire) :: Series

Belongs to the series Technic History

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