New America (History of Rustum #2) - Poul Anderson

New America collects four of the Rustum stories previously published in 1974 and 1975 plus two additional stories.


In the 21st century, Planet Earth was in the grip of an orientalized, paternalistic World State that gave all – and took all. Only in the land that was once the United States were the principles of freedom paid so much as lip service, and even there liberty flickered toward extinction. In such a world as this the Jeffersonians were a band of hopeless visionaries, political cranks, a quixotic underground dreaming of the reinstitution of the American Constitution.

But then a star drive was developed and the Jeffersonians were sentenced to eternal exile. On a world twenty light years and a century from their homes they set out to create a society conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that the individual is more important than the state. They are the New Americans. This is their story.

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Release date: 1982
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: May 15, 2011