Orion Shall Rise - Poul Anderson

Prometheus Award: Best Novel nominee (1984).

Orion Shall Rise is a grand saga of future humanity struggling back from near-ruin after a planet-wide nuclear war. The survivors face a life-threatening limitation of resources as they strive to rise once again to great heights of civilization.

Orion Shall Rise has a cast of countries: The Domain, dominated by Skyholm – a giant platform floating thirty miles above Europe, savior during destruction but now maintaining a reactionary and repressively stratified society; Northwest Union, a loose-knit network of Scandinavian-style lodges founded by survivors in the Pacific Northwest of North America; the Maurai Federation, descendants of Maori natives from New Zealand who pursue a policy of developing technology to use the natural energy of wind, sun and sea; the many tribes and countries of the Mong who fled Asia over an ice bridge and settled in the middle of North America. Already wars are being fought again, most recently between the Normen of the Union, who wish to revive a benign form of nuclear technology and the Maurai, who are unalterably opposed to its use.

There is a cast of characters throughout: Talence lern Ferlay, a noble son of Skyholm who loses his home through treachery; Ronica Birken, Survivor and master of the Northwestern wilderness; Terai Lohannaso, sailor, trader and intelligence man for the Maurai. These and dozens of others – spies, peasants, librarians, minstrels, heroes and villains – show us a complex and strange world as adventure follows adventure until a searing confrontation brings the remnants of mankind once more to the edge of destruction – or the fragile chance for new life for the race.

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Release date: 1983
Genres: science fiction
Average rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: February 13, 2011

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