The War of Two Worlds - Poul Anderson

In space, seeing is not believing!

The twenty-year Earth-Mars war was finally over. What was left of Earth – its crumbled cities, its ruined farmlands – were firmly and completely under the rule of the Martian Archon. And its powerful planetary ruler was taking no chances: he intended to reduce the Terrans to a society of primitive agricultural tribes in less than a genearation!

But for David Arnfeld, ex-spaceman and Earth Base Commander, there was something in the whole setup which didn't ring true. Why had both sides muffed countless chances to end that awfull war in its first year or two? And why had the two planets gone to war in the first place?

In back of Arnfeld's mind an idea is growing... perhaps there was yet a chance to save the doomed population of Earth. But if his idea were true, and proof was available, he had to work fast. Too many people were involved in this WAR OF TWO WORLDS to let one man upset their plans!

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Release date: 1959
Genres: science fiction
Updated: December 10, 2012