Operation Chaos (Operation Otherworld #1) - Poul Anderson N/A

A fixup novel.

  • Operation Afreet (1956)
  • Operation Salamander (1957)
  • Operation Incubus (1959)
  • Operation Changeling (1969)


In a war against Black Magic, two top ops are thrown together for a desparate, near suicidal mission, and when these two hard-bitten pros meet, it's love at first fight. But he's a giant werewolf, and she's a witch whose cat familiars don't like werewolves a whole lot more than they like ordinary dogs.

And that's a problem, because our lovebirds have been tasked with the most difficult assignment of the American-Caliphate War: to neutralize the enemy's ultimate weapon, the world's most powerful demon. If they succeed, their love will prove immortal; if they fail, it – and they – will be short-lived indeed.

Join Science Fiction and Fantasy's most decorated author in a world where magic works, war is waged with combat dragons, U.S. Airborne forces ride broomsticks into battle against flying carpets, and Hell itself is the ultimate target of...


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Release date 1971
Details updated August 16, 2022

Operation Otherworld :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 3 total works.

Operation Chaos (Operation Otherworld #1) N/A
Operation Luna (Operation Otherworld #2) 7.00   1
Operation Otherworld N/A