The Best of Poul Anderson

Poul Anderson
science fiction, short stories
The Best of Poul Anderson - Poul Anderson


  • Recollecting Anderson (essay by Barry N. Malzberg)
  • Introduction by Poul Anderson
  • The Longest Voyage (1960)
  • The Barbarian (1956)
  • The Last of the Deliverers (1958)
  • My Object All Sublime (1961)
  • Sam Hall (1953)
  • Kyrie (1968)
  • The Fatal Fulfillment (1970)
  • Hiding Place (1961)
  • The Sky People (1959)


A traveler from the stars becomes the unwilling oracle for a Stone-Age people and the pawn in a primitive power struggle.

A disaffected sociologist discovers that each of his dreams for the perfect society contains the seed of a nightmare.

The War of Judgment has thrown mankind back into the Dark Ages, where the blue-eyed marauding Sky People and their victims face off in a struggle made desperate by the survival of twentieth-century technology.

Time travel provides one society with the perfect way to punish its criminals.

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Release date: 1976
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: August 17, 2021