Fantasy - Poul Anderson

A collection of short fiction.


  • House Rule (1976)
  • The Tale of Hauk (1977)
  • Of Pigs and Men (essay, 1972)
  • Logical Conclusion (1960)
  • The Valor of Cappen Varra (1957)
  • The Gate of the Flying Knives (1979)
  • The Barbarian (1956)
  • On Thud and Blunder (essay, 1978)
  • Interloper (1951)
  • Pact (1959)
  • Superstition (1956)
  • Fantasy in the Age of Science (essay, 1981)
  • The Visitor (1974)
  • Bulwinch's Mythology (1981)
  • Afterword: An Invitation to Elfland by Sandra Miesel

"Leonardo, meet Albert Einstein."

Thus begins a journey through Realms of Myth and Magic such as is given few of Mortal Birth. Learn the True History of the Aryan Race (You have nothing much to lose). Pierce the Heart of Publishing (and watch a mythic pirate pale before its pulsations)... Experience the True Nature of False Courage (Must we spell it out!)... Join Elves against Aliens in War to the Knife (and Knife to the Hilt)... form an Unholy Pact (with a Usually Reliable Demon)... visit Other Worlds (through sheer force of personality)... Discover the Meaning and the Joy of Fantasy in the Age of Science.

Through the magic of Poul Anderson (whose spells never miss) all this can be yours, Mortal. So come, enter the world of...


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Release date: 1981
Genres: fantasy, short stories
Updated: January 16, 2017