Krondor: The Betrayal (The Riftwar Legacy #1) - Raymond E. Feist6.50

The RiftWar is done. But an enemy has risen in strength from the ashes of defeat - a fearsome army of trolls and renegade humans, emboldened by the drug of destruction and commanded by dark elves aided by the sorcery of an enigmatic cabal. But there is one who defies the call to battle.

In a world that is not our own, war is a legacy. In a land of wonders and magic, blood swells the rivers and nourishes the earth. But in the fires of near-constant battle, great courage and nobility are forged, as former heroes take up arms once again and new ones merge to defend to the death what is good and right in their beleaguered realm.

New York Times bestselling fantasist RAYMOND E. FEIST returns to this miraculous place that has enthralled millions of readers the world over to bring to light an extraordinary, hitherto untold chapter in the violent history of Midkemia. It is the story of a traitor - a dark elf who rejects the brutality of his warlike kind and casts his lot with the human targets of their fierce aggression. It is a towering saga of great conflicts, brave acts and insidious intrigues - of mysterious deaths among the ranks of the just and the sinister machinations of a master criminal - when the fate of many civilizations rests in the able, unfaltering hands of RiftWar veterans Squire Locklear and the cunning thief-turned-Squire James.

It chronicles the powerful awakening of Owyn, an apprentice magician of untried strength and hidden depths, and celebrates the selfless achievements of Pug, the greatest magician of two worlds, who must again - though not for the last time - rise spectacularly to new heights in the cause of those who face certain annihilation.

Follow the master to new corners of a world you have not yet fully explored - and experience the excitement, the terror and the triumph born from the doom aimed at the beating heart of a kingdom: the glorious place called...


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Release date: 1998
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 6.50/10
Total ratings: 12
Updated: August 26, 2021

The Riftwar Legacy :: Series

A part of the larger Riftwar Cycle of Raymond Feist, this series gives insight into the happenings just after the war in the city of Krondor.

Belongs to the series The Riftwar Cycle

Krondor: The Betrayal (The Riftwar Legacy #1)6.50
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