All One Universe

Poul Anderson
science fiction, non-fiction, short stories
All One Universe - Poul Anderson

Poul Anderson himself has put together a retrospective collection of his recent writings, fiction and nonfiction, under the title All One Universe. This is the first major Poul Anderson collection in a decade. It encompasses all his strengths as a teller of tales and, in addition, provides a running commentary in the story notes and in the essays on other literary figures such as Rudyard Kipling, Johannes B. Jensen, and John W. Campbell, Jr., commentary that illuminates the fiction, gives personal insight into the mind of this fine writer, and provides a unifying personality for All One Universe.

All One Universe, then, represents the new best of Poul Anderson. It is a rich, varied selection of quintessential science fiction as well as four essays, mostly from recent years, by one of the great science fiction writers of the century. His stories are filled with roaring energy, the soul of poetry, and dark imaginings.


  • Introduction
  • In Memoriam
  • Uncleftish Beholding (essay)
  • Strangers
  • The Visitor
  • Fortune Hunter
  • Wolfram
  • The Forest
  • The Voortrekkers
  • Rokuro
  • Science Fiction and History (essay)
  • Neptune Diary (essay)
  • John Campbell (essay)
  • Rudyard Kipling (essay)
  • Johannes V. Jensen (essay)
  • The House of Sorrows (aka In the House of Sorrows)
  • Wellsprings of Dream (essay)
  • Losers' Night
  • Requiem for a Universe
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Release date: 1996
Genres: science fiction, non-fiction, short stories
Updated: August 18, 2021