David Falkayn: Star Trader (The Technic Civilization Saga #2) - Poul Anderson N/A


The Polesotechnic League of star traders was prospering, and Nicholas Van Rijn, its most flamboyant member, was prospering most of all. But not all League members played fair when trading, nor did some of the non-human races of the galaxy object to dirty tricks. And Van Rijn could not be everywhere at once to flummox his competitors and adversaries. Fortunately, he could rely on his crack team of star traders.

David Falkayn: Team leader and younger son of a baronial house on the planet Hermes, he commands the starship Muddlin' Through.

Chee Lan: Covered with silky white fur on the outside, and with a short-fused temper on the inside.

Adzel: Looking like a centaurian dragon, he's as imperturbable as Chee Lan is high-strung, and abhors violence, though he has no problem defending himself, or his comrades.

Muddlehead: The computer who handles most of the operations of the ship, and often shows initiative at the most unexpected times. Now if only it didn't sound so smug when it wins at poker...


  • Introduction: High Profits and High Adventure by Hank Davis
  • Territory (1963)
  • The Trouble Twisters (1965)
  • Day of Burning (1967)
  • The Master Key (1964)
  • Satan's World (1968)
  • A Little Knowledge (1971)
  • Lodestar (1973)

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Release date January 1, 2009
Details updated August 26, 2022

The Technic Civilization Saga :: Series

Series contains 7 primary works and has 7 total works.

Main series Technic History

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