Honoured Enemy (Legends of the Riftwar, #1)
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Honoured Enemy

by Raymond E. Feist, William R. Forstchen
Release date: August 2001
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy


Hartraft’s Marauders, a crack band of Kingdom raiders, are a special unit designed to infiltrate and fight behind enemy lines. They are currently heading for a frontier garrison, after a disastrous encounter with the Tsurani.

Meanwhile, a Tsurani patrol is sent to support an assault on the same garrison. Both sides arrive at the same time and discover the garrison has been overrun by a migrating horde of moredhel (dark elves) and they are forced by circumstances to band together and fight as one to survive.

The only problem is, who do they hate the most – their mutual enemy, or each other? As they make their way across the unknown Northlands to freedom, they have to struggle not only with the elements and their enemies, but also their conscience. For what is more important – one’s life or one’s honour?

From two of fantasy’s greatest authors come this gripping new Riftwar series… 'Legends of the Riftwar'.

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This book is a nice book. It starts of a bit boring for me. a lot of action, but not so much soul. Once all the build up for characters is ready, i started to enjoy the book a lot. the book has stayed in my mind better than most of Raymond's books. The book tells about differences in 3 different cultures and lifestyles and is a nice addition to the series. this book is a separate book and doesn't give anything new to the main storyline, but tells a lot about the way of life in different cultures in the world that Raymond created.
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Honoured Enemy is the first book of Legends of the Riftwar series. When I began to read Honoured Enemy I was a bit cautious, because I didn't expect it to be very good. Fortunately it was quite readable and not as bad as some Midkemia books (e.g. Shards of a Broken Crown). Honoured Enemy is a good fantasy book, but not the best Midkemia book.
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