Evil Ascending (Dark Conspiracy: Fiddleback Trilogy #2) - Michael A. Stackpole

The daughter of an ET who escape domination by the Dark Ones, Rajani struggles across a ruined Earth to destroy the Dark Lord Fiddleback. A former puppet of Fiddleback, Tycho Caine assumes the identity and mission of Coyote, the man who stole his memory and set him free. Caine's mission leads him to a Tibetan monastery, where dimension-walking monks help him search for his true nature.

In Coyote/Caine's hire, Sinclair MacNeal travels to Tokyo to find the enclave of assassins where Caine was forged as Fiddleback's tool. Where these three paths converge, Dark Lords clash, and reality bends like heated wax.

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Release date: 1991
Genres: science fiction
Updated: December 10, 2012