Wizard Spawn (The Sword of Knowledge #2) - C. J. Cherryh, Nancy Asire

The brutal force of oppression versus the sword of knowledge

It is 500 years since the fall of the Sabirn Empire, an empire whose rulers sealed their fate by refusing to countenance the development of weapons that could have saved them from the barbarians. Now the Sabirn have fallen on hard times indeed, and lie supine beneath the boot of the Ancar, laboring in mines and fields and streets at work no member of a "higher" race would touch.

But rumors abound that among the Sabirns are some who retain occult knowledge, and use it in secret rites aimed at the overthrow of the new master race. The Ancar say this is justification for genocide. The Sabirn say genocide is justifiction for anything; The Sword of Knowledge cuts both ways...

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Release date: 1989
Genres: fantasy
Updated: August 14, 2021

The Sword of Knowledge :: Series

Cherryh did not write the three novels in the Sword of Knowledge series, but received co-author\'s credit because she penned a foreword to each.
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