A Stroke of Midnight (Meredith Gentry #4) - Laurell K. Hamilton6.56

I am Meredith Gentry, PI. Others know me as Princess Meredith, heir to the darkest throne faerie has to offer. But at what price? To inherit a court that has ruled through bloodshed and violence for centuries, must I really become that which I dread most?

Enemies watch my every move. From his prison cell, my cousin strives to be rid of me while some amongst the Unseelie await the downfall of my aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness. And unforeseen others bide their time, poised to strike.

Such is the unease we feel that for the first time in our history we must allow human police into the world of faerie. And I confess I am in need of allies now more than ever especially since fate will lead me into the arms of Mistral, Master of Storms and the new captain of the queen's guard. Our desire will reawaken powers long forgotten among the warriors of the sidhe. Pain and pleasure await me. And danger too, but we are all running out of time...

So reader beware, for herein lies the twilight world of Meredith Gentry, where the erotic and the exotic, the decadent and the deadly come together.

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Release date: 2005
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy
Average rating: 6.56/10
Total ratings: 9
Updated: August 18, 2021

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