Peril’s Gate (The Wars of Light and Shadow #6) - Janny Wurts 8.00   3

Alliance of Light, Volume Three

The fate of all realms hangs on the resolution of the brutal conflict born of brother versus brother, of prince against prince.

For years Lysaer, Prince of Light, has single-mindedly sought the destruction of Arithon, his mage-trained half-brother. Now having narrowly escaped a conspiracy that sought his execution, Arithon must flee into the merciless winter wilds. Sentenced to die by the Alliance of Light and hunted by Koriani enchantresses who hotly desire his capture, the Master of Shadow must brave alone the brutal mountain storms – and a more subtle yet equally damning danger: the violation of ground once held sacred by the powerful Paravians. Though grievously wounded, he cannot rest, for the vengeful guardsmen who hound his trail are spell-turned to destroy him. Even the sanctuary of Ithamon has become a trap, cordoned by Lysaer's armies.

But Arithon's plight has brought a dangerous "ally" out of seclusion and silence. The renegade Fellowship Sorcerer, Davien the Betrayer, has emerged to take a hand in the Shadow Master's fate. Yet is this outlawed mage whose works once destroyed Arithon's royal ancestors a savior or an opportunist? As the Betrayer's obscure motives spin an irresistible web, survival forces Arithon to face a deadly choice: die by the swords of fanatical enemies who claim he's a minion of evil... or cast his lot with a mighty enchanter whose reputation he dares not trust.

And there is another drawn to share Arithon's peril. Elaira, the Koriani enchantress who shares his love, would sacrifice all to aid him, yet her life vows to her order have made her a double-edged weapon. For she alone holds the power to intercede but at an unthinkable cost: The total subjugation of the Master of Shadow.

A story of powerful complexity and breathtaking scope, Peril's Gate is a monumental work that only solidifies the standing of Janny Wurts as one of the strongest, most creative and important fantasists writing today.

Release date 2001

Details updated August 27, 2021

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