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Philip K. Dick Award: Best Novel nominee (2004). John W. Campbell Memorial Award: Best Novel nominee (2005). British Science Fiction Association: Best Novel winner (2005). Nebula Award: Best Novel nominee (2006). British Fantasy Society: Best Novel nominee (2006). Arthur C. Clarke Award: Best Novel winner (2006).

Chung Mae is the only connection her small farming village has to culture of a wider world beyond the fields and simple houses of her village.

A new communications technology is sweeping the world and promises to connect everyone, everywhere without power lines, computers, or machines. This technology is Air. An initial testing of Air goes disastrously wrong and people are killed from the shock.

Not to be stopped Air is arriving with or without the blessing of Mae's village. Mae is the only one who knows how to harness Air and ready her people for it's arrival, but will they listen before it's too late?

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Release date 2004
Details updated August 24, 2022
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