Market Forces
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Market Forces

by Richard Morgan
Release date: March 2004
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

John W. Campbell Memorial Award 2005, Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee 2005.

Chris Faulkner has just landed the job of his life. But Shorn Associates are market leaders in Conflict Investment. They expect results, they expect the best. Chris has one very high-profile kill to his credit already, but he will have to drive hard and go for kill after kill if he's to keep his bosses happy. All he has to do in the meantime is keep his marriage alive. And himself...

Thirty years from now the big movers in global capitalism have moved on from commodities. The big money is in Conflict Investment. And that's where Shorn Associates comes in. They keep a careful watch on the wars of liberation and revolution that burn constantly around the world. They gauge who the winners will be and sell them arms, intelligence and power. In return for a slice of the action when the war is won. The reward for the investors? A stake in the new nation.

It's cynical, brutal and it has nothing to do with democracy and the rule of law. So what else is new?

The executives in this lethal game bid for contracts, fight for promotion, secure their lives on the roads. Fighting lethal duels in souped-up, heavily armoured cars on the empty motorways of the future.

Has Chris Faulkner got what it takes to make a real killing?

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