More than a thousand years ago, the armies of the Arcosian Empire, led by Mornhavon the Black, crossed the great sea and tried to conquer the land of Sacoridia using terrible dark magic. Eventually Mornhavon had been captured, and his spirit, immortalized but corrupted by the use of evil sorcery, had been imprisoned in Blackveil Forest.

Since the end of this Long War, the perimeter of Blackveil Forest – a dark and twisted land – had been protected by the magical D'Yer Wall. But in the ten centuries since the war's end, knowledge of the working of magic had slowly disappeared from Sacoridia, due to the fear and prejudice of a people traumatized by the memory of the terrifying sorceries of Mornhavon's invading army.

Karigan G'ladheon was now a seasoned Green Rider – an experienced member of the magical messenger corps of the King of Scaoridia. But during her first year as a Rider, a rogue magician had cracked the mighty D'Yer Wall, and tainted magic from Blackveil Forest had begun to leak into Sacoridia. Though Karigan had defeated the person responsible for creating the break in the wall, still the breach remained, and the knowledge of how to mend it was lost to the ages. The spirit of Mornhavon, sensing the weakness in his prison wall, began to wake, seeking vengeance, and causing frightening aberrations throughout the land.

With the ghostly help of the First Rider, Karigan had managed to transport the spirit of Mornhavon into the future, buying valuable time for her king and country.

But how far in the future was Mornhavon now? A hundred years? Ten years? Only one year? There was no way to tell.

And though Karigan and her fellow Riders scoured the land searching for lost magical documents, and members of Clan D'Yer camped at the wall hoping to uncovers its lost secrets, they were unaware of a threat to their kingdom that lay far closer.

For there were Arcosian soldiers who'd survived the Long War, and now, the descnedants of those Arcosians were ready to strike, reaching out to claim the land their forebears had tried to conquer. And these vengeful enemies had spent generations honing their powers of dark magic – a force against which the Sacoridians had no defense...

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Release date: November 1, 2007
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy
Average rating: 7.80/10
Total ratings: 5
Updated 2016-09-10