Patricia A. McKillip
science fiction, fantasy, collection, young adult
Moon-Flash - Patricia A. McKillip

Omnibus edition.

Kyreol's small world begins at the Face, a high rock cliff, and ends at Fourteen Falls, a series of rapids. Each year, her people celebrate Moon-Flash – a spark of light that seems to come from and go into the moon, a symbol of life and joy.

When a mysterious stranger arrives, Kyreol wants to know more about him, as well as the Moon-Flash, and soon she and her childhood friend Terje leave their home to look for answers. Those answers will pluck Kyreol from Riverworld and transform her life forever – by fast-forwarding her into a future she can barely comprehend.

This omnibus edition combines the acclaimed Patricia A. McKillip's two science-fiction novels, Moon-Flash and The Moon and the Face – at the request of Firebird readers.

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Release date: 2005
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, collection, young adult
Updated: June 25, 2011

Kyreol :: Series

Moon-Flash (Kyreol #1)
The Moon and the Face (Kyreol #2)