Strange Seas and Shores

Avram Davidson
science fiction, short stories
Strange Seas and Shores - Avram Davidson

A collection of stories.


  • Preface by Avram Davidson
  • Introduction: Night Travel on the Orient Express Destination: Avram by Ray Bradbury
  • Sacheverell
  • Take Wooden Indians
  • The Vat
  • The Tail-Tied Kings
  • Paramount Ulj
  • A Bottle Full of Kismet
  • The Goobers
  • Dr. Morris Goldpepper Returns
  • The Certificate
  • Ogre in the Vly ("The Ogre")
  • Après Nous
  • Climacteric
  • Yo-Ho, and Up
  • The Sixty-Third Street Station
  • The House the Blakeneys Built
  • The Power of Every Root
  • The Sources of the Nile
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Release date: 1971
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: August 14, 2021
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