The Doors of Stone (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #3)
Patrick Rothfuss

Release date: 2021
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy

When will 'The Doors of Stone' be published?

Submitted 2 years ago by Darkki
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This is something what we get asked a lot! :) Sadly we don't have any exact release date yet, but for our understanding the book will be published in next year (2019).

If you have any more details about this book, just give us updated information here :)
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Darkki 1 year ago
Patrick Rothfuss: Kingkiller, my work on the books, is—again, it might seem strange for people to hear—but nobody laments the lack of tangible progress more than me, in terms of the next Kingkiller book. But things are moving forward, if not fast—again I’ve never promised fast, ever since I knew what I was good at professionally. I made promises very early on in interviews where I’m like ‘Yeah, I’m going to do these books one a year.’ But I was an idiot. I had just been published for like two months, I had no idea what I was talking about.

Source: Interview for The Barnes & Noble Podcast

So The Doors of Stone book still doesn’t yet have a release date, but latest interview suggests progress is being made.
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