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Written by Elke

Starting this book, I expected a bit of mouldy story (the book being published in the early 70's). As you can imagine: I was wrong. What a luck! It is split into three parts where each of them is thrilling enough. However, I've liked the middle part best, where Mr. Asimov outnumbers every other description of an alien people I've ever read. The society he describes is at once foreign, weird and absolutely believable; what is more: it's amiable. This is one of the best SciFi books I've ever read and so I'd like to recommend it to all other fans of marvellous Science Fiction.

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The Gods Themselves

Hugo Award 1973, Nebula Award 1972, Locus Award 1973.

The year is 2100 A.D.…

And Man no longer stands alone in the universe.

Now there are other worlds, other living beings. Alien beings who mate in threes and live on pure energy. New breeds of humans who have created their own environment and freed themselves from every social and sexual taboo.

Yes, it is the future of new worlds, ever-changing worlds. And yet among them there is still Earth.

Earth, where Man still strives to be the best. To advance himself beyond all other beings and their worlds. And this final, glorious step in mankind’s technical progress has been achieved: the discovery of an unlimited, non-polluting energy source.

But what seems to be progress may, in reality, end in complete tragedy.

Earth’s unlimited energy source is about to trigger unlimited destruction — and the end of a universe.