The Poison Priestess (The Silk & Steel Saga #4) - Karen Azinger7

Review :: The Poison Priestess

Written by Baldric

Another good book, mixing events in the north with those of the south. Again, the Mordant is a great character. I also liked the black blade and the events surrounding that. A little dull in parts as Kath finds herself stranded in the north. Whilst her and her colleagues grow bored, unfortunately so too does the reader. The writer can be forgiven though as the tale collects itself nicely and gathers paces trying to save the kingdoms of Erdhe. Nicely written and very imaginative. Once it got going there's barely a dull moment, some excellent creations and the plot has some nice and unexpected twists. Definitely a Saga for fantasy fans to read. Looking forward to the next installment.

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The Poison Priestess

While Kath and her companions chase the Mordant into the far north, the southern kingdoms erupt in Flames. The Lord Raven marches south, unleashing a holy war against Lanverness. Vastly outnumbered by a ruthless enemy, Queen Liandra spins desperate gambits in a dire struggle to save her kingdom.

New alliances and new awakenings hatch deeper levels of intrigue. The Oracle Priestess and the Lord Raven form a tenuous alliance, while deep in the Southern Mountains the Kiralynn monks stir, revealing more than prophecy.

Armies clash, battles rage, and cities fall, as lives, loves and crowns hang in the balance, but swords are not the only way to wage war. Treachery, deceit, assassins, and the power of seduction will face-off against steadfast courage, forgotten magic, and the power of truth. The Poison Priestess is the fourth book in this epic tale of Light versus Dark.