Review: The Graces

Written by HourglassEyes - 3.0

Starting of as a yet another "Twilight copy" The Graces surprises by being something else. Yes, it's a cliché when a girl, shy of course, moves into a new school and falls for the school best looking bad boy and his rich family. But as it turn out, Rivers motives to get to know Fenrin and the rest of the Graces family is something darker than teenage love. The Graces is not perfect, it has some annoying teen tantrum, but it brings a fresh breeze to genre.
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About the Book :: The Graces

Laure Eve Release date: September 5, 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

A secretive loner discovers her own hidden powers when she’s adopted into three glamorous witches’ fold

When a glamorous family of teenage witches brings a mysterious new girl into their fold, they unwittingly nurture a powerful black magic that could destroy them all. This paranormal YA fantasy features intrigue, spells, and a devastating twist. In The Graces, the first rule of witchcraft states that if you want something badly enough, you can get it... ... (more)

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