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Written by Spaced_out

I like the world, I like the premise, good imagination and rather good writing. On the other hand, so many characters (who may have many names) that I got lost at times. This is written to be a Book 1 of a series, a setup for an upsell. That I don't really like. Things are left unsolved mainly. I don´t know if I´m going to buy the sequels, but I would definitely like to know how this all ends. Maybe my library can help me when the time comes. Mr. Gonzales is a great writer in my opinion, I hope to see a lot of new work from him. Maybe the problem with this novel was caused by the publisher. I still recommend this one. You can buy it for 5 bucks online, delivered. Worth it 100%.

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The Tabit Genesis


Earth has fallen to alien invasion. Our final hope lies in two enormous starships carrying both a population for a new world and fleets of attack ships for protection. Embarked on separate journeys, divided by light years of space, desperate to avoid detection, they are alone in the gulfs of space.

And on board doubts grow about the mission. Morale is low, there is talk about a loss of a purpose, about betrayal at the highest levels. Is this really the best we can do to escape extinction?

Mankind must find new reserves of courage and cooperation, discover new tactics to beat the enemy and, in the end, make sure the enemy is not us.

Driven by strong characters facing unendurable odds, this is SF in the grand tradition: an epic adventure full of huge ships, vast battles and epic challenges. Tony Gonzales puts you at the centre of a dark future but shows that there is always hope.