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Review :: Until All Curses Are Lifted

Written by Robin Lythgoe

I LOVED this book—and I don't say that very often! Until All Curses Are Lifted, by Tim Frankovich, is about magic—and society—gone horribly wrong. The magic system is incredible, unusual, and mangled. That is to say that the magic has been twisted in an effort to make life "fair," but (as with nearly all good things) people have contrived a way to abuse the system. How does one get around a system that curses the innocent and punishes good deeds? Worse, this broken magic is breaking the world…

I really enjoyed the character development; no cardboard figures here! The world-building was good, but not great, though the characters and fast-paced plot were so strong that it was not problematic. We're introduced to various countries, societies, religions, and history without being deluged by information. The author weaves some serious and unexpectedly deep issues into the adventures.

There are a few places where the prose is weak, but they are few—and the worst part about the book was reading the last page. I want more. Right now!

Anyone who likes good old-fashioned fantasy reads and complicated characters is sure to love this.

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Until All Curses Are Lifted

Phenomenal power. Cursed for his father’s sins.

Marshal lives in magically-enforced silence, unable to communicate with those around him. When he discovers he’s also heir to immense magical power, he sets out on a quest to escape his curse, and maybe find a way to end the corrupt system that gave it to him.

But his half-brother, wanting the power for himself, dispatches a leper assassin to kill Marshal and those he loves.

Seri wants to use the system to become the most powerful mage in history. But her ambitions are disrupted when the earth itself begins to shake. The magic that holds the world together is failing, and the combined power of all the mages is not enough to save it. And then someone begins murdering mages.

Manipulated by outside forces, stalked by murderous foes and monsters, Marshal and Seri each must learn how to use their unique abilities before it’s too late. Dark powers from another realm are watching them. Watching and planning...

Discover the epic fantasy that Midwest Book Review calls “inherently riveting!”