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Review :: Books of Blood: Volume One

The amazing Books of Blood series is definitely one of the best horror and dark fantasy short story collections ever. I loved reading these books. The stories are dark, twisted and some of them are even funny. If you call yourself a horror and dark fantasy fan and haven't read this series, you should read it as soon as possible (and please, remember to read Volume 1 first).

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Books of Blood: Volume One

World Fantasy Award: Best Collection winner (1985).

Even horror has it's perfection.

To a butcher, the carving of flesh is an art. As an artist, he knows where to slice the muscle, how to sever the clinging sinew from the bone. He studies the carcass like a lover. He knows how to section the dripping meat, dissecting, cutting, tearing.

Clive Barker knows a few tricks, too.

He knows how to lance his readers with apprehension, to make their hears pound and their skin tingle with dread. He knows how to push his reader to the edge of their seats, to the shuttering edge of total horror.

And then Beyond...


  • Introduction by Ramsey Campbell
  • The Book of Blood
  • The Midnight Meat Train
  • The Yattering and Jack
  • Pig Blood Blues
  • Sex, Death and Starshine
  • In the Hills, the Cities