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Review :: The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn is a classic of fantasy literature. I like this book very much. The Last Unicorn is an amazingly beautiful and touching fantasy book. If you call yourself a fantasy fan and haven't read this book, you should read it as soon as possible. You'll probably like it.

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The Last Unicorn

She was magical, beautiful beyond belief – and completely alone...

The unicorn had lived since before memory in a forest where death could touch nothing. Maidens who caught a glimpse of her glory were blessed by enchantment they would never forget. But outside her wondrous realm, dark whispers and rumors carries a message she could not ignore: \'Unicorns are gone from the world.\'

Aided by a bumbling magician and an indominable spinster, she set out to learn the truth. But she geared even her immortal wisdom meant nothing in a world where a mad king\'s curse and terror incarnate lived only to stalk the last unicorn to her doom...