It is a small wonder to begin with that I even picked up this book after the previous one (Shadow of a Dark Queen) had been such a disappointment. The start wasn't promising either, in fact, it was pretty terrible.. So, it was another miracle that I actually got past the first two chapters. As a whole, I would compare this novel to a runner, who after a slow and clumsy start accelerates to rather nice speed, clearing some difficult hurdles with impressive skill just to fall flat on his face before the finish line. Surprisingly the middle was this novel's best section. Even while keeping in mind that this book is a part of a series, I think the transitions from the previous story to the next one were handled poorly. The beginning and the ending were, sadly, very bad writing. Another thing that irked me was the repetition of expressions. If I had played a drinking game whenever someone 'exchanged glances' or 'an ample bosom' sailed in view, I'd be having serious problems with my liver right now. A slight improvement compared to the first installement, recommended for readers who are already fans of Midkemia.
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About the Book :: Rise of a Merchant Prince

Raymond E. Feist Release date: 1995
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Raymond E. Feist's stunning national best-seller Shadow of a Dark Queen reestablished his reputation as an unparalleled storyteller and a major name in the fantasy field. And now he returns us once again to the wondrous, perilous world of Midkemia.

The hideous Sauur have invaded the beleaguered planet through a dimensional fault. A dread race of serpents, they continue their merciless conquest of the farther reaches of Midkemia, on a seemingly unstoppable drive to ... (more)

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