Review: The War of the Flowers

Written by Olaf - 4.0

Tad Williams is one of the most inventive fantasy writers working today. He is also one of the very few fantasy writers who takes great care not to repeat himself. So, instead of cranking out one Osten Ard trilogy after the other, he has delved deeply into fairy lore and has written THE WAR OF THE FLOWERS. His first full-length stand-alone novel since his debut novel TAILCHASER'S SONG (1985). Theo Vilmos's journey through an industrialized Fairyland may seem tedious and pointless at times, but this is not a book for the impatient reader or someone who is looking for cheap thrills. It's full of allusions and resonances to literature and popular culture and everything comes together in the end. It's a long journey, but it's worth the trip.
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About the Book :: The War of the Flowers

Tad Williams Release date: May 2003
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy
Tags: fairies

Cover: Michael Whelan.

Theo Vilmos' life is about to take a real turn for the worse.

Not that it was ever that great — spending the last decade of his life as a singer in a succession of not terribly successful Northern California rock bands isn't exactly a dream come true. But what can Theo do? When his girlfriend Cat gets pregnant, it seems like it's time to give up his irresponsible dreams and settle down. Until now, Theo has always skated through life ... (more)

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