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After Rome's Revolution was published, I started work an a YA sequel called The Milk Run starring Aason and Lupe, all grown up, with just a guest appearance by Rei and Rome. I got about halfway done and realized I had no idea about what their life was like once they returned to Deucado. I was determined to make this one all action and adventure. No need to add much science or physics. And I always wanted to start a story with an explosion. Well, the explosion was just a grease fire but it was the best I could come up with. I wasn't sure where the story was going to go when (I swear) I was in the shower and it hit me. The Ark Lords (Erklirte), the insane people in the gray sarcophagi and The Great Dying, they were all one and the same. I had written about them for six years and NEVER KNEW IT! So the story of how Jack Henry (Hanry Ta Jihn) defeated the Ark Lords became important. I wrote a little, four chapter short story and interwove it in the relevant parts of the second half of The Ark Lords. A couple of other tidbits: Knowing that I had The Milk Run coming up, I wanted Aason to have his own "pet" starship so that's how Junior came about. The not-sex scene between Virga and Rei is still one of my favorites. I still laugh every time I read it. The final book in this arc, starring Rei and Rome, will be entitled Rome's Evolution where Rome must become a true telepath to save all of their lives. I'm hoping to have it finished by the spring. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy The Ark Lords. I really enjoyed writing it.
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About the Book :: The Ark Lords

Michael Brachman Release date: August 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionhard science fiction + space opera

In this fast-paced sequel to the novel Rome's Revolution, Rei, Rome and MINIMCOM, the 35th century starship that was once a computer, find themselves under attack from all quarters.

Why? The Ark Lords were the second-most heinous individuals to ever walk the Earth. The first were those responsible for the death of nine billion people - The Great Dying - back in 2081 AD. Who was behind this horrific act has remained a mystery, until the day Rome accidentally stumbles across ... (more)

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