Amashanae (Amashanae #1) - Antti Heikkinen, Timo Kettunen6

Review :: Amashanae

Written by Elke

This story develops - even for the first part of a trilogy - quite slowly. However, the plot it well designed in a world which can be easily imagined by the reader. It was always thrilling so that I wanted to know how the story goes on. But one thing was quite annoying: the language. There are several simple mistakes in the text which are disturbing ("him" instead of "her", words left out, obviously wrong tenses, ...). Sometimes this made it tiring to follow the story. However, I liked the characters and look forward to meeting them again in part 2.

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In the realms of Brodérunn, an ancient evil is about to find a way out of its prison, and it is slowly collecting its powers in order to bring the world around it to the brink of destruction.

Without even knowing it herself, an elf-warrior, Amashanae, is about to become the key in what will the fate of the world become, as she’s pulled into the vortex of the evil sorceress Raelia’s plans to rein the beast for her own uses to take over the entire Brodérunn.

In this first book of the trilogy Amashanae embarks on a journey to find her destiny with an accidental band of companions, a farm-girl and a warrior, and it is a journey that will take her and everyone around her to much further than any of them could have guessed – both in body and spirit.