Review: Blood of Dragons

Written by Sini - 4.5

Conclusion of the Rain Wild Chronicles. I admit that at first this series felt bit of a let down. New characters that you didn't care about and were more interested of the cameos of the old favourites. But the characters grew on you. They started being important to you and found their own voice. That is what the Hobb books are about - becoming the person you were meant to become. Growth. Finding your own path, often in a hard way. And you started laughing and crying with them. I did both while reading this book.
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About the Book :: Blood of Dragons

Robin Hobb Release date: February 15, 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Tags: dragons

Dragons will fly over Kelsingra once more...

Dragon blood and scales, dragon liver and eyes and teeth. All required ingredients for medicines with near-miraculous healing powers. The legendary blue dragon Tintaglia is dying of wounds inflicted by hunters sent by the Duke of Chalced, who meanwhile preserves his dwindling life by consuming the blood of the dragon’s poet Selden Vestrit.

If Tintaglia perishes, her ancestral memories will die with her. And ... (more)

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